Golden (Lori)

The story takes place on an arid planet with a fantastical middle-ages sort of vibe. Or an alternate future with co-existing sentient species. Sometimes it’s a grim dystopian atmosphere where body mods aren’t uncommon. The surroundings aren’t important. Here’s what is: Lori Lentil once pissed off the wrong guy. A warlock, witch, or dragon cursed the narcissistic trickster thief to abandon his humanity and slowly turn into a scaley beast. Rather than let the curse win, Lori substitutes his reptilian limbs with mechanical ones and covers up what he cannot replace. He puts off an identity crisis by responding with never-ending humor and sass. From the outside, he’s a hilarious character with never a dull moment. By constantly distracting himself, perhaps he will never have to think about his challenging future.


Lori’s older brother. Continue reading Yen

The Befthar Dragons

An intelligent, grounded, elemental dragon species free for public use. Continue reading The Befthar Dragons

Lori Lentil

Trickster/thief with a Draconic curse. Continue reading Lori Lentil