Renascence (CC)

Previously known as ConstantChaotic or Fantasm.  A web serial I abandoned and is now in the process of being rewritten. The rewrite is not posted online. Many of the characters have been renamed for the Renascence rewrite.

Tali Heartlie

A spoiled teenage girl who is host to the Phoenix Resonance Soul. Continue reading Tali Heartlie



AKA The Doppelganger. Foster son of Amigo. Continue reading Simion

Sean “Kaelin” Cannes

Banished brother of Edmond. Continue reading Sean “Kaelin” Cannes


A Nemorian who works with Edmond to destroy The Phoenix Soul. Continue reading Lycurgushi

Hikari Askasa

A no-Rez who controls the slums. Fell’s adopted brother. Continue reading Hikari Askasa


Fell Askasa

Works at a restaurant owned by the Heartlies and is Tali’s reluctant boyfriend. Continue reading Fell Askasa

Evelyn Rose

A Seeker who teaches Ly the basics of firearms as a favor to Edmond. Continue reading Evelyn Rose

Edmond Cannes

The count of DeFrist. Travels to Dexterity with Ly in order to kill the Phoenix Soul. Continue reading Edmond Cannes



Sim’s adopted father. Employed as a Sinico assassin. Continue reading Amigo


French Mafia mole who convinces Ves to break up with Q. Continue reading Alexandre