Info on the stories all my characters are in.

Renascence (CC)

Previously known as ConstantChaotic or Fantasm.  A web serial I abandoned and is now in the process of being rewritten. The rewrite is not posted online. Many of the characters have been renamed for the Renascence rewrite.

Headphone Jack

Headphone Jack is a gang/music RP I made ages ago that I still love. The country of Musica has outlawed music. 2 Gangs exist to bring it back into the country. There are loads of puns.  

Golden (Lori)

The story takes place on an arid planet with a fantastical middle-ages sort of vibe. Or an alternate future with co-existing sentient species. Sometimes it’s a grim dystopian atmosphere where body mods aren’t uncommon. The surroundings aren’t important. Here’s what Continue reading Golden (Lori)

Dexterity (Q Universe)

Dexterity is the universe which contains the “True/Canon” Q. In this universe, Q is a gun-for-hire who frequently visits fetish clubs. Many of the supporting characters are workers at these clubs or have ties to mafia.