Original Characters

These are my original characters. Similar characters exist in media nowadays, but these characters were created between 2004 – 2006.

All the information is technically correct, however I need to rewrite it so it’s easier to digest… Sorry that has not yet been done…

Zahir Keen

A Ferift Maned Wolf who chooses to permanently remain human. Continue reading Zahir Keen

The Befthar Dragons

An intelligent, grounded, elemental dragon species free for public use. Continue reading The Befthar Dragons

Tali Heartlie

A spoiled teenage girl who is host to the Phoenix Resonance Soul. Continue reading Tali Heartlie



AKA The Doppelganger. Foster son of Amigo. Continue reading Simion

Sean “Kaelin” Cannes

Banished brother of Edmond. Continue reading Sean “Kaelin” Cannes

Quatre Bornes “Q” Lee

Gun-for-hire with a tail who’s convinced he’s human. Continue reading Quatre Bornes “Q” Lee


A Nemorian who works with Edmond to destroy The Phoenix Soul. Continue reading Lycurgushi

Lori Lentil

Trickster/thief with a Draconic curse. Continue reading Lori Lentil

Kevin the King Cheetah

. Continue reading Kevin the King Cheetah

Jiden Sparx

An Electrical Engineer claiming to be an inventor who just hasn’t had any good ideas yet. Continue reading Jiden Sparx

Hikari Askasa

A no-Rez who controls the slums. Fell’s adopted brother. Continue reading Hikari Askasa

Greysond / Garett DeLorte

A human Adobe Customer Service rep with a hoofed grey hare for an online avatar. Continue reading Greysond / Garett DeLorte


Fell Askasa

Works at a restaurant owned by the Heartlies and is Tali’s reluctant boyfriend. Continue reading Fell Askasa

Evelyn Rose

A Seeker who teaches Ly the basics of firearms as a favor to Edmond. Continue reading Evelyn Rose

Edmond Cannes

The count of DeFrist. Travels to Dexterity with Ly in order to kill the Phoenix Soul. Continue reading Edmond Cannes

Bornes & B.

Two experimental anthropomorphic canines referred to as the “Bornes Twins” since they share some DNA. Continue reading Bornes & B.

Ao the Maned Wolf

Anthro Maned Wolf explorer in the process of writing an encyclopedia. Continue reading Ao the Maned Wolf



Sim’s adopted father. Employed as a Sinico assassin. Continue reading Amigo