The Compact Reference
This is a generic page given to all artists when requesting a commission.

Character SummaryKey FactsPose Suggestions
Character Summary
Garret DeLorte is an Adobe customer support technician in real life. But online, he is a “Grey Hare” known as Greysond. The avatar has the top half of a grey hare and bottom half with cloven hooves. Both the user and the avatar only have one arm, but that never stopped them from having fun.

Key Facts
– Aged 20 – 30
– Around 6 feet tall
– Floppy ears
– White eyes, no pupils
– Always wears some type of hat
– Usually wears some type of long scarf
– Not much pre-existing art, so do your best with clothes. Feel free to design something new

Personality Traits
– Literally anything, just keep it PG please
– humor/comedy preferred

Pose Suggestions
– Disco
– Something Adobe related (photoshop, premiere, etc.)
– Anything inspired by internet culture
– Anything MMO-related or popular anime inspired