Rachel / Rae

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Character Name: Rachel / Rae
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Affiliation: Electronica Leader
In the beginnings of her involvement with music, she was a founding member of a group known as Nausicaa, but eventually split to form the group now known as Electronica. The drive to provide music to people is still evident, though the drive for her to make a profit is also obvious. She sees this need for funding the organization as a necessity, a means to the end unspecified, which she has only shared with those that are exceedingly high in status in the gang.

Rae is very involved with Electronica. She often participates in jacks and enjoys it, even when the Clefs get involved. In a way, it’s seen as a challenge, though there is always a fear that someone will get caught. While she watches the beatings that come from being initiated in to the gang, she doesn’t participate in the First Aid aspect of the beat-ins. She performs the Tempo Control procedure as needed, this being the only ‘medical procedure’ that she’ll get involved with.

Her attitude can be best described as one full of ‘piss and vinegar’. She can get loud, irate, and angry, but still maintains an almost affectionate air around people that have proven their worth. Finding the DJ will gain ultimate respect from her, and a seat of power with the reformation. Her clothing outside of the Elects is rather bland and boring, usually consisting of a long sleeved shirt to hide her identifying tattoos, pants or capri shorts (depending on if she is working at the time or not), and average accessories, sometimes a simple bracelet or gold hoop earrings. Her job outside of the Elecs is that of an architect, designing buildings and interior spaces, which means she often has to dress professionally.

Her love of music runs deep. She plays a bass guitar often, and loves blaring her music whenever possible, preferring the heavier stuff to the lighter, classicals. If she is listening to classic music, it’s a sign of depression. Her amp, she often says, is her truest friend.

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