Soren LeFay

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Character Name: Soren LeFaye
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Affiliation: Clef
Soren used to be involved in a gang called Nausicaa. He was somewhat of a badass. He helped with jacks, and was eager to fight. He, Ryan, and Rachel were always butting heads. Around the time Ryan and Rachel began fighting, jacks were starting to go sour and Soren pushed the use of guns. Of all the gang members, he was the only one who had willingly murdered others, most notably clefs. One fateful night, he was out too late and got into a gunfight with the wrong guy. And lost. After a long battle with his health, he lost his memory of the gang, but had a feeling of being betrayed. He became a clef and has since spilled blood of those he has deemed “less desirable.”

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