Ryan / Rye

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Character Name: Ryan or Rye
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Affiliation: Nu Leader
Bio: Ryan was once the co-founder of a gang named Nausicaa, which helped musicians hear and love music. However, something happened that’s been kept under wraps between him and the Elec leader, allowing them to split and make rival gangs approximately five years a go. Since then, the pure intentions are still there but not as evident as the war between them and the search for The DJ.

Rye is rather laid back when it comes to leading, and considers all his Nus very close family. However, he’s very touchy on some subjects, such as his blood relatives and his past. It is rumored that his older brother is a Clef.

Rye has dirty blonde hair that’s short in front but goes down at an angle toward his shoulders in the back. He wears biking gloves, black or blue jeans and either a white t-shirt or a wifebeater with a black open jacket over it. He plans jacks, but rarely deals. Ryan mostly tries to gather information about where the DJ may be, what territory he may be able to gain from the Elecs easily, and watches over initiations as well as help preform Tempo Changes and first-aid.

He can tune guitars, but otherwise seems to only listen to music through noise-proof headphones at very low volume, and doesn’t seem to ever hum or sing along. While this seems peculiar, his love for music is still clearly visible by anyone he comes into contact with. His day job is a librarian at Musica Central.

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