Jiden Compact Reference

Jiden Sparx

The Compact Reference


This is a generic page given to all artists when requesting a commission.

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Character Summary
Jiden Sparx is a kid genius. His mother was an inventor and died at an early age- the goggles, which are a prototype to one of her last ideas, are all he has left of her. His father is a biochemical engineer that teaches at the local university. Jy himself is into electrical engineering, but also claims to be an inventor that just “hasn’t had any good ideas yet.” He loves computers, robots, and fixing things. He is generally a cyberpunk character.

Key Facts
– Aged 18 – 23 preferred, but older is ok
– 5’4″ to 5’7″ in height
– Necklace is either dog tags or a celtic cross
– ALWAYS has goggles (on his head, around his neck, over his eyes- whatever)
– Androgynous, leaning to the masculine side
– Prefers to wear the green outfit/ensemble, but artist’s liberty is welcome
– Hair is red/brown
– Eyes are green
– Long hair

Personality Traits
– Favorite color is green
– Easy going, laid back, bit of a clown.
– Almost always happy. Smile on his face or knowing smirk
– A bit of a klutz, but always manages to pull through
– Although probably smarter than most of his friends, he enjoys playing the dumb fool
– Can go by nicknames “J”, “Jy” (like the ‘gy’ in ‘gyroscope’), and sometimes “Jade”

 Art Inspiration
Any art inspired by this song would be great.

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