Q Compact Reference

Quatre Bornes “Q” Lee

The Compact Reference


This is a generic page given to all artists when requesting a commission.

Character SummaryKey FactsPose Suggestions
Lycanthropes were real, and the French Foreign Legion attempted to breed human/lycan hybrids. It didn’t go as they planned, and the last living specimen was kidnapped and surgically altered to appear human. Q doesn’t know about his origins. He thinks he’s a human with a birth defect– a tail, which for the lycanthropes, houses major arteries and could not be removed. He grew up in military boarding schools, of which his father was the commanding officer.
After revealing he liked men, Q’s father scarred his face with a rapier. This prompted Q to run from his country to another with his at-the-time boyfriend. In the new country, they started a French mafia. It was then Q got his tattoos, things he now considers to be youthful mistakes.
Originally one of the top dogs in the mafia, he was later cast aside since a gay couple apparently isn’t very threatening. Feeling betrayed by his now-ex on top of being disowned by his father, Q threw himself deep into the closet, abandoning his life of organized crime and trying to make a new one as a hired gun. Burying himself in women and booze, things get complicated when his health begins to deteriorate. He fights fainting spells with cigarettes, but eventually his lycanthropic past catches up with him and he dies by 30.
– Aged 25 – 30
– Cigarette is optional
– Sunglasses optional, but preferred
– Green eyes, slight glow
– Hair is grey, not white
– Tail is black. Tail is optional, but preferred
– Around six feet tall
– Tanned/dark skin
– Doesn’t matter which way the scar on his face goes. Just make it visible, please
– Has red/black outfit, but feel free to redesign and/or use different colors

– Went to military academies, posture would reflect this
– Not too emotive facially, except while intoxicated or in pain
– Womanizer
– General “disturbed” or “dark hero” stereotype.

– Anything involving guns or knives. A firearm is his primary weapon and the knife is his secondary. He’s proficient with both, but prefers guns.
– Any type of action pose or scene.
– Anything super emotional (and by that I mean all the negative emotions, such as lonely, depression, anger, etc.)
– Anything gory. Whether it be Q killing others or Q being killed.
– Porn. Q is bisexual.

Celldweller – Under my Feet
Muse – Map of the Problematique
Submersed – Hollow
Kamelot – Human Stain

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