(Previously Q from Talvia. Now Lycurgushi from Nemoria)

Lycurgushi came to Edmond approximately 10 years a go, begging to join his faction to destroy the Phoenix as retribution for a former reincarnation’s destruction of a town in his homeland, Nemoria.

Ly is what is called a Nemorian. They are a species of man-animal hybrids who live in forested and underdeveloped areas so they can be close to nature. One could say they are the Native Gaians. Being this species, Ly’s eyes are sensitive to sunlight and his ears better equipped than a normal human’s.

Ly loves guns and makes use of a Negator(which restricts the use of his Rez and Ki), and as such was ostracized by other Talvians for being “too human”.
Once he moves in with Edmond, he becomes addicted to music, using it to calm him.

Ly’s name, Lycurgushi, which is “four” in Nemorian. He was named such because he was the fourth mixblood born in his tribe. He goes by “Ly” instead of his real name as he doesn’t like being identified by a number.

Ly is as far removed from Talvian blood as he can be without being restricted from living in Nemoria. He was part of the Saluki tribe, which was known for mating with humans. Other Nemorians would periodically make fun of him for his humanity, the Jackal tribe being one of the worst. Yecht and Sven were the first victims of Ly’s Resonance Soul- The Soul Stealer.

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