Fell Askasa

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(Previously known as Fortenra Askasa)

Fell Askasa is the eighteen year old boyfriend of Tali Heartlie. He frequently wears suits, as that is the required dress for the restaurant he works at, which is also owned by the Heartlies. He lives with Tali in an apartment he provides.

Fell used to live in the slums, a homeless and abandoned child. His best friend and “brother” was Hikari. They formed a gang together with a few others, and owned the land for a while, before Tali “claimed” him as her boyfriend.
Growing tired of Tali’s foolishness, Fell begins to rethink his reasons for staying with the girl, and attempts to go back to his childhood roots.

In the past, Fell received surgery to have wire implants at Hikari’s request. Fell fights with wires coming from his wrists. They’re deadly and quick, preventing the need for him to use his resonance soul. Fell could be considered Hikari’s number one henchman, as he tends to do what the other says without question.
Fell isn’t sure where this trust comes from, just that it is deep, and he’ll do anything to keep it.

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