1457338994.bornes_qameriefaThis thing I spent the past 2 days designing.

I finally used those waitresses bases for something LOL. Of course it looks pretty crappy all frankensteined together like this.
But it’s just for an idea until I can get it drawn properly.

Anyway the story behind this.
I wanted to make a cool fursuit that would be easy to make and wear. And hopefully this will be it. (Minus those ears. Those will be a pain)
Nothing’s going to become of it though for at least a year. I will have to wait until after I move to even start it.

Also, I like oversize hands and feet, but wanted to do something not toony with them.
For the fursuit, I am not sure if the black will be fur or not. I am thinking it would look less ridiculous if it was fur that was shaved properly. But I’m assuming that’ll be difficult to pull off well for a first time fursuit. So the black limbs might end up being fleece.
The tail’s black will probably be horse hair or something similar.

All the crescents will be mesh, not fur. As will the eye markings.

I haven’t figured out what I’m doing with the eyes yet. I think one color would be best. But white usually looks too creepy and black might blend in too much.

The head will be a resin blank. For now I’ve picked out this one (white tail doe from DVC), but it may change.

The tail will be made from white piping custom bent/warped via heat. The black hair will be draped over it and taped or glued on for ease. Then white fur will go over top the mess somehow.
It this won’t work, the pipe will be covered with white fur first, then black hair which has been dyed white or clear in the middle will be draped over it and tied at the bottom somehow.

The butt end of the tail is left uncovered. It will go through a hole in the body suit. Inside the bodysuit will be a T section that the tail will plug into. To make washing the suit easier and also to hopefully rig some sort of side to side movement of the tail.

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