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(previously known as Moonblossom)

Maybel, or Mabe for short, owns the fetishist bar where Sanja works in the city of Dexterity. She is quite responsible, confident, and definitely knows the difference between pleasure and business. And while they may mix slightly in her profession, when she has to do dirty work for clients, it’s mostly business.
She looks over her bar with a serious attitude, kicking anyone deemed unworthy out and quickly before they can harm her girls (or boys). While she handles the paperwork and legal things, she also will sing and/or preform on stage occasionally. While she is available for clients it’s extremely rare, assuming the role of a dominatrix. And she’s brutal. Bornes has a secret fascination with her for all her different traits, but he’d never dream of putting himself under her whip as her victim.

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