Sean “Kaelin” Cannes

1442215096.bornes_q-kingsleyIn CC1 & 2, this character was known as Shoy / Kingsley Dantes of Monte Cristo. He is now known as Sean / Kaelin Cannes of DeFrist.

He wears a black trenchcoat and has long black hair and blue eyes.
A teacher at Sniper Academy, Kingsley goes through great lengths to ignore the arrogance and lack of respect most of his students have for him and just about everything else.

He carries with him a black umbrella, which is mostly used as a cane or walking stick, and a katana at his left hip, which rarely gets used.

To most, Kingsley seems a bit of a pushover. But the truth of the matter may be something more.

He lives with Amigo and Sim, and his favorite subject to teach is English.

Kselin’s real name is Sean Cannes, and he is the older brother to Edmond Cannes. After the completion of a mission to kill the Phoenix Soul which resulted in the attempted genocide of Nemorians, Sean was stripped of his rank, abandoned by his wife, and unable to see his son, who was five years old at the time.
Unable to stand the torment in DeFrist for his mistake, he instead became a traveler, looking for redemption through finding his son or the Soul Stealer. Along the way, he became a ki master, a talent he hides quite well.

Eventually he decided to call Dexterity his home, living with Amigo and working with Mercain in Sinico, organizing trades through the black market(such as foreign and rare technologies from Cybil). Sean helped Amigo adopt Sim, and occasionally helps raise the boy.

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