Edmond Cannes


In CC1 & 2, this character was known as Edmond Dantes of Monte Cristo. He is now Edmond Cannes of DeFrist.

When no one else stepped up to the plate to pursue the Phoenix in Dexterity, Edmond did. For being the only one brave enough to go, the title of The Count of DeFrist was bestowed upon him.

The man held no true political power over the land, and chose to keep out of most affairs by becoming a teacher- he trained people how to take down the Phoenix. His practice was dying, however, as the hunt for the Phoenix was slowly becoming a solitary job. About this time, a small Nemorian boy came to him, asking to be trained. The boy was Lycurgushi, and Edmond(with the help of Evelyn) practically raised him.

Edmond is also the younger brother to Sean Cannes(Also known as Kaelin). Forever in Sean’s shadow, Edmond secretly longs to prove himself to his country. To make The Coalition understand that just because the older Cannes failed does not mean the younger one will not succeed.

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