Lori Lentil

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Lori Lentil is the younger of two orphaned sons, his brother being named Yen. In a fantasy world-version of the Islamic Golden Age, Lori begins life as a perfectly normal boy who romanticizes thief culture and exploring new lands. Yen wants none of it and intends to stay in town, working as a translator and scribe. Lori eventually succumbs to wanderlust, leaving the city and coming into his own as a trickster thief.

In this world, Lori encounters many magical species and beings, one of which is the Befthar dragon. The Befthar are an incredibly rare dragon, said to have been the bridge between the spirit realm and humans, having taught shamanic practices to The First People.

As the “more civilized” world began to look down on magico-religious practices, the Befthar became hunted for the magical properties of their body parts.

Lori, ever on the search for more wealth, heard rumors of the dragon’s presence in a village and couldn’t let the opportunity go to waste. His attempt to capture the dragon was thwarted, however, and the Befthar cursed Lori.

Lori, the headstrong, narcissistic boy who never thought further than “just to have fun” was left with the burden to slowly transform into a Befthar himself. But not just any Befthar. Lori would be the very last.

Somehow, Lori didn’t let it bother him. He entombed himself in foolish comedy, continuing his trickery, thievery, and adventuring. But once the changes began to slowly come—his hair replaced by feathers, his skull sprouted horns, his eyes changed shape, and his limbs scaled over—he began to try and stop or delay the curse. Once a limb got too Beftharian for his tastes, he contracted a surgeon to remove it and replace it with a mechanical limb, instead. The things he can’t replace, he tries to use to accentuate his eccentric fashion choices.

The Befthar curse isn’t entirely bad, thankfully. The more Beftharian Lori gets, the more adept at elemental magic he becomes. At current, he can summon tiny flames.

Character Sheet
Real Name: Lori Lentil
Occupation: Trickster/Thief
Status: Traveler
Marital Status: Single
Origin: Middle East
Height: approx. 5’7”
Hair: Feathers
Build: Fit/lean
Eyes: Always covered by red goggles
Age: 20 – 28
Other: Has Mechanical arm and leg
Known Powers/Abilities:
A known and established trickster and thief. Well-versed in the art of illusion, annoyance, and separating coins from pockets. Especially talented with blow darts and various dusts. Has the ability to magically create small flames.
Vain. Overcompensates self-doubt with humor and distraction. Short attention span.
Brief History:
Born a human orphan. After succumbing to wanderlust, became a trickster/thief. After trying to capture a Befthar Dragon, Lori was cursed and now is currently (very slowly) transforming into a dragon himself.
Lori has an older brother named Yen who works as a scribe & translator in the capital city. They are not on speaking terms.
Character Variations
Lori has a few different character variations depending on the setting the character is placed in. The main/canon setting is a fantasy world based on the Islamic Golden Age.

Other versions include an alternate universe version of “Repo! The Genetic Opera,” where Lori is an unlicensed organ dealer. His dragon-like appearance is from voluntary body modifications.

In a futuristic fantasy world based in cyberpunk, Lori can be cursed by any magic user (including humans), not because he tried to steal from them, rather he simply frustrated them through sheer annoyance. In this type of setting, Lori is much the same character, but his brother, Yen, is a rich socialite who is more or less a villain.

Regardless of setting, Lori is played as either a lucid character who knows what he is doing and is simply in denial of his curse, or a mentally “off” character who obsesses with shiny things and doesn’t actually care for what they are worth.
Both personalities are equally liked.

The Befthar Dragons
more info to come…

But for now, they’re an open species, and you can read about them and/or create your own here.

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