The Befthar Dragons



The Befthar are a FREE, OPEN SPECIES.

Please read below before creating one!

The Befthar were created by Bornes and the original lineart is by JerkCentral
Permission was obtained to use the lineart in this way.

Rules for UseHistory & CulturePhysical Attributes


    Adopts, colors, character design, etc. Trades, gifts, etc. are fine. But no money exchanges hands. Not even fake currency like DA points, gaia gold, etc.
    They weren’t designed so please don’t design your own and put it in your art.
    Credit the Befthar FA Account, or Bornes for creation, or Jerkcentral if you used the free to use lineart. Or do all three if you feel especially good that day.
    It’s open to interpretation and you can feel free to diverge from it, but at least read it once. Thank you.
    Don’t ever say “befthars.” If you really want to put an ‘s’ on something, call them “befthar dragons.”
    Generally the easiest way to plural befthar is just calling the species “the befthar.”
    A befthar will never have wings. If it has wings, it is not a Befthar anymore.
    Befthar should not have a desire to fly.


The Befthar are an incredibly rare dragon, said to have been the bridge between the spirit realm and humans, having taught shamanic practices to The First People.

As the “more civilized” world began to look down on magico-religious practices, the Befthar became hunted for the magical properties of their body parts.

Every Befthar has an elemental magic theme in their design– this is the element they specialize in. However, all Befthar are able to do any sort of magic to a lesser degree than their specialty.

Befthar come in all different sorts of colors, personalities, and designs. However, they are a species that is close to the ground and in-tune with nature. Their beliefs vary but fall in line with many of the stereotypes of witch doctors and/or native people. They mostly subscribe to the Gaia Theory.

Generally, they stay out of physical confrontation. They are only ‘dragons’ in the vaguest sense in this regard. They use their magic to fight for them, often in very out-of-the-box ways. For example, one unlucky man tried to kill the last remaining Befthar. That Befthar decided the man would be cursed to slowly turn into a Befthar himself, becoming the last Befthar after the curser’s death.

Befthar are very open to interpretation, so I’m eager to see what you can come up with!
In my timeline, Befthar are rare, and this is how they act. But if you have another timeline– say before humans became truly ‘civilized’– who’s to say they would behave the same way? Perhaps they stayed in herds, fought wars, or partnered with medicine men?


The Befthar are about the size of a grizzly bear.
They have scales over most of their body, except for their “hair” which is all feathers.

Befthar have compound eyes (bugs eyes). They can come in any (number) of colors and designs, but keep in mind the lens shape and texture.

Their faces are very flat. If they stand on their hind legs and look down at you, the head can take on a vaguely human appearance and may be were aboriginals got the ideas for their masks.
If viewed from the side, the flat-ness becomes a bit more obvious.
Try not to give the head proportions you are used to. Try to draw a kite instead. That is the best example I can give. It is supposed to look very odd from a profile view.

Ears are soft, formed of mostly down feathers.

Tongue is long and prehensile.

Feet are based on an anteater’s.

Their main diet is termites, but also other types of bugs.

The free line art is of a Befthar from an arid region. Designs for other Befthar may differ, but they NEVER have wings.

Befthar can create illusions to appear as another thing, but cannot truly transform themselves. They can, however, transform others.