The guy that convinces Ves to break up with Q. After Q leaves, Alexandre takes his place.
Alexandre is a spy of some kind and French is his second language.


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Simion, or Sim for short, is an eighteen year old with blue-white hair and the foster son of Amigo.
Coined “The Doppelganger,” he can make unlimited copies of himself, and does so easily in efforts to annoy, argue, and/or fight.

His number one rival is Tali, who always gets on his nerves.



(Previously Q from Talvia. Now Lycurgushi from Nemoria)

Lycurgushi came to Edmond approximately 10 years a go, begging to join his faction to destroy the Phoenix as retribution for a former reincarnation’s destruction of a town in his homeland, Nemoria.

Ly is what is called a Nemorian. They are a species of man-animal hybrids who live in forested and underdeveloped areas so they can be close to nature. One could say they are the Native Gaians. Being this species, Ly’s eyes are sensitive to sunlight and his ears better equipped than a normal human’s.

Ly loves guns and makes use of a Negator(which restricts the use of his Rez and Ki), and as such was ostracized by other Talvians for being “too human”.
Once he moves in with Edmond, he becomes addicted to music, using it to calm him.

Ly’s name, Lycurgushi, which is “four” in Nemorian. He was named such because he was the fourth mixblood born in his tribe. He goes by “Ly” instead of his real name as he doesn’t like being identified by a number.

Ly is as far removed from Talvian blood as he can be without being restricted from living in Nemoria. He was part of the Saluki tribe, which was known for mating with humans. Other Nemorians would periodically make fun of him for his humanity, the Jackal tribe being one of the worst. Yecht and Sven were the first victims of Ly’s Resonance Soul- The Soul Stealer.

Hikari Askasa

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(Previously known as Hirun Hikari)

A seventeen year old with no Resonance Soul that lives in the slums of Dexterity.

He and Fell grew up together– both having been abandoned by their parents.

Hikari has managed to take control of the slums as a sort of impromptu gang leader. He is a symbol of hope for orphans and the powerless.

Hikari is the person behind Fell’s wire implants. It was he who orchestrated the deal between Fell and Roy Salamandra the scientist.

Fell Askasa

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(Previously known as Fortenra Askasa)

Fell Askasa is the eighteen year old boyfriend of Tali Heartlie. He frequently wears suits, as that is the required dress for the restaurant he works at, which is also owned by the Heartlies. He lives with Tali in an apartment he provides.

Fell used to live in the slums, a homeless and abandoned child. His best friend and “brother” was Hikari. They formed a gang together with a few others, and owned the land for a while, before Tali “claimed” him as her boyfriend.
Growing tired of Tali’s foolishness, Fell begins to rethink his reasons for staying with the girl, and attempts to go back to his childhood roots.

In the past, Fell received surgery to have wire implants at Hikari’s request. Fell fights with wires coming from his wrists. They’re deadly and quick, preventing the need for him to use his resonance soul. Fell could be considered Hikari’s number one henchman, as he tends to do what the other says without question.
Fell isn’t sure where this trust comes from, just that it is deep, and he’ll do anything to keep it.


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The surrogate father to Sim and best friend to Kaelin, his Resonance Soul is the ability to control the weather.
He has silver hair and tends to wear relaxed clothes- vacation shirts and khakis, usually.

He is an assassin working at Sinico, killing for a profession. However, he does not wish that type of life for his son.

Evelyn Rose

1464909523.bornes_cherrywine(Previously Esvera Rose)

With light blonde hair and dark blue eyes, this twenty five year old Seeker has settled down from her hunt for the Soul Stealer to help teach Edmond Cannes’s fifteen year old adopted son, Ly, the basics of guns.
Evelyn lives in a bordering country to DeFrist, named Cybil. Here, she has brought in Ly for a year or two as her student in a favor to Edmond.

In many ways she feels as if Ly is her adopted son too, and Ly feels close to her as well, often asking questions about life and other sensitive subjects.

Evelyn believes that Resonance Souls hold a higher meaning, and places a great deal of faith in prophecy and fate.

Her own Resonance Soul is called the Tortoise Eye. She has the ability to heal others and construct protective shields and barriers made from ki. She can also see which Resonant a soul is holding based on the usage of their ki.

Eventually, Evelyn gives Ly a book entitled “Resonant Philosophy,” which is the main source of information about Resonance Souls across the world. The book is actually part of a series that is updated every five years.

Tali Heartlie

This girl is adept at controlling, creating, and manipulating fire. Her hair is a fiery color and gives the appearance of fire itself. Tali’s heritage reigns from a line of mafia kings, and her Rez is seen as a testament to this.

Tali herself is a rather crude person. At only fifteen years old, she already says whatever is on her mind at the time, and is rather spoiled. Her parents gave her whatever she wanted, boyfriend included.

After being killed in chapter nine, Tali resigns herself to make her life “worth something” by stealing everything she “needs” to make a happy home with Fell.
After the boy left her, she becomes confused in her self identity, and longs to have him back- even if that means killing others or destroying anything that comes into her path.
The more often Tali dies however, the more detached from reality she becomes.

Sean “Kaelin” Cannes

1442215096.bornes_q-kingsleyIn CC1 & 2, this character was known as Shoy / Kingsley Dantes of Monte Cristo. He is now known as Sean / Kaelin Cannes of DeFrist.

He wears a black trenchcoat and has long black hair and blue eyes.
A teacher at Sniper Academy, Kingsley goes through great lengths to ignore the arrogance and lack of respect most of his students have for him and just about everything else.

He carries with him a black umbrella, which is mostly used as a cane or walking stick, and a katana at his left hip, which rarely gets used.

To most, Kingsley seems a bit of a pushover. But the truth of the matter may be something more.

He lives with Amigo and Sim, and his favorite subject to teach is English.

Kselin’s real name is Sean Cannes, and he is the older brother to Edmond Cannes. After the completion of a mission to kill the Phoenix Soul which resulted in the attempted genocide of Nemorians, Sean was stripped of his rank, abandoned by his wife, and unable to see his son, who was five years old at the time.
Unable to stand the torment in DeFrist for his mistake, he instead became a traveler, looking for redemption through finding his son or the Soul Stealer. Along the way, he became a ki master, a talent he hides quite well.

Eventually he decided to call Dexterity his home, living with Amigo and working with Mercain in Sinico, organizing trades through the black market(such as foreign and rare technologies from Cybil). Sean helped Amigo adopt Sim, and occasionally helps raise the boy.

Edmond Cannes


In CC1 & 2, this character was known as Edmond Dantes of Monte Cristo. He is now Edmond Cannes of DeFrist.

When no one else stepped up to the plate to pursue the Phoenix in Dexterity, Edmond did. For being the only one brave enough to go, the title of The Count of DeFrist was bestowed upon him.

The man held no true political power over the land, and chose to keep out of most affairs by becoming a teacher- he trained people how to take down the Phoenix. His practice was dying, however, as the hunt for the Phoenix was slowly becoming a solitary job. About this time, a small Nemorian boy came to him, asking to be trained. The boy was Lycurgushi, and Edmond(with the help of Evelyn) practically raised him.

Edmond is also the younger brother to Sean Cannes(Also known as Kaelin). Forever in Sean’s shadow, Edmond secretly longs to prove himself to his country. To make The Coalition understand that just because the older Cannes failed does not mean the younger one will not succeed.