meriMeri is a 25+ year old girl who works at a fetish club. She is naturally albino, and dresses herself up as a zombie for the club. She beings as a girl who plays dumb, like the zombie she frequently portrays. But she quickly becomes Q‘s favorite call girl, and as their odd relationship strengthens, she develops an attitude and a strong will.

Over time, she becomes a very stubborn, mouthy, strong-willed woman. She takes an interest in Q’s work (assassination) and has been present for a few of his jobs. After knowing eachother for a few years, Meri becomes Q’s confidant, and they share a mutually abusive relationship. She has bailed him out of jail at least once.

Writing Sample
It was a dark hotel room, situated at the edge of the building. All the lights were off, the curtains were all closed, and sitting on the floor behind the scope of an M40 sniper rifle were two people.
Aside from a few whiskey bottles and open flasks, the hotel room had not been touched.

Of the two people, one was male, the other female. The male had grey hair and bright green eyes. A silver locket hung from his neck, with a green jem inside it. Normally it was hidden inside his collared, button-up, black-sleeved and red-torso shirt. But it had found its way out earlier, as the girl had been playing with it. It glinted slightly in the dark room as the man adjusted the aim of the rifle. His hands wore fingerless gloves. It was clear this man had no sense of fashion. But, compared to the girl, he was well-dressed. His dress pants were black, as were his boots. Aside from his premature grey hair, the only thing that could be awkward about him was the fact that, below his belt, a dark brownish-grey, almost black tail of a dog waved about haphazardly in a semicircle.

The woman, her skin so pale it probably could reflect moonlight, swatted at it playfully. The both of them were drunk, but the man – Q – seemed to be holding himself much better than the girl. The girl was an albino; so her eyes were an ugly pink. She claimed to be a zombie, and worked at a night club for exotic fetishes. She was off for now, however. Her hair was a wild forest green, and cropped to just her ears. It was almost as if she never bothered to brush or wash it. The bright green didn’t stop at her hair. She wore a grass skirt and strapless bra, as well. Both the same shade of green. One could only wonder what her favorite color may be? Her name was Meri.

Q sat up, holding the rifle in place. “Here,” he said. His voice was raspy. He was young, but anyone who heard his voice could tell he had been smoking profusely for the better part of his life. His alcoholism probably didn’t help matters. He turned his head to face Meri’s. He had tanned skin, black “whisker” tattoos on the bottom of his cheeks, and a diagonal scar across his face, which he attempted to hide by having his grey hair cover one eye.

“What?” The girl was giggly but still hesitated, putting a hand to her chin. “But I didn’t think you were serious!”

Q grunted slightly. “C’mon. I said I’d let you come with me since you bailed me out. I brought you. I have aimed for you. It is all ready. All you have to do is pull the trigger. It will be fun.” It was as if he were talking to a child, almost. “You will see his brains splatter everywhere. Isn’t that what zombies like? Brains?”

Even though Q was smirking, he was still all business. He exhaled loudly through his nose and let one of his hands wander from the gun, waving Meri over. She obliged, sitting herself behind the butt of the rifle. Q carefully made his way behind her, guiding her hands to the right places.

“So, look through the scope. What do you see?” he urged her.

“Uhmm…” Her high pitched voice was almost annoying in contrast to Q”s prickley deep one. “Two men in suits. One has a hat. The other one’s bald.” She giggled at the word bald.

“The two lines that meet in the middle, they’re crosshairs. When that is on the head of the guy with that hat, just pull the trigger.” He leaned into her back. “But take your face away from the scope before you shoot, or else you’ll hurt yourself.”

Meri nodded, breathing loudly. “Will I really get to see brains?”
Q narrowed his eyes, trying to see into the scope from the distance behind her. He couldn’t see much. “Yes. But pay attention. If you wait too long I’ll have to do this for you.” His voice was stern, as if he were becoming annoyed. “She’ll mess up the shot before too long,” he thought to himself.

“Then no brains?” She asked, putting her face to the scope once more.
“No brains,” Q repeated dryly. He placed one of his hands on Meri’s left breast with a snicker.

She pulled the trigger, the knockback frightening her to a point where she jumped and gave out a small shout, falling back into Q, who laughed.
The window in front of them shattered, and with any luck, Meri had just killed the mayor of a neighboring town who had come to Dexterity for ‘business’.
Q gave Meri’s naughty bits a slight squeeze before grimacing and pushing the girl aside, making sure she had killed the target. They would have to pack up and move quickly either way, but he had to be sure.

Sean “Kaelin” Cannes

1442215096.bornes_q-kingsleyIn CC1 & 2, this character was known as Shoy / Kingsley Dantes of Monte Cristo. He is now known as Sean / Kaelin Cannes of DeFrist.

He wears a black trenchcoat and has long black hair and blue eyes.
A teacher at Sniper Academy, Kingsley goes through great lengths to ignore the arrogance and lack of respect most of his students have for him and just about everything else.

He carries with him a black umbrella, which is mostly used as a cane or walking stick, and a katana at his left hip, which rarely gets used.

To most, Kingsley seems a bit of a pushover. But the truth of the matter may be something more.

He lives with Amigo and Sim, and his favorite subject to teach is English.

Kselin’s real name is Sean Cannes, and he is the older brother to Edmond Cannes. After the completion of a mission to kill the Phoenix Soul which resulted in the attempted genocide of Nemorians, Sean was stripped of his rank, abandoned by his wife, and unable to see his son, who was five years old at the time.
Unable to stand the torment in DeFrist for his mistake, he instead became a traveler, looking for redemption through finding his son or the Soul Stealer. Along the way, he became a ki master, a talent he hides quite well.

Eventually he decided to call Dexterity his home, living with Amigo and working with Mercain in Sinico, organizing trades through the black market(such as foreign and rare technologies from Cybil). Sean helped Amigo adopt Sim, and occasionally helps raise the boy.

Edmond Cannes


In CC1 & 2, this character was known as Edmond Dantes of Monte Cristo. He is now Edmond Cannes of DeFrist.

When no one else stepped up to the plate to pursue the Phoenix in Dexterity, Edmond did. For being the only one brave enough to go, the title of The Count of DeFrist was bestowed upon him.

The man held no true political power over the land, and chose to keep out of most affairs by becoming a teacher- he trained people how to take down the Phoenix. His practice was dying, however, as the hunt for the Phoenix was slowly becoming a solitary job. About this time, a small Nemorian boy came to him, asking to be trained. The boy was Lycurgushi, and Edmond(with the help of Evelyn) practically raised him.

Edmond is also the younger brother to Sean Cannes(Also known as Kaelin). Forever in Sean’s shadow, Edmond secretly longs to prove himself to his country. To make The Coalition understand that just because the older Cannes failed does not mean the younger one will not succeed.

Quatre Bornes “Q” Lee


On the island of Mauritius, a group of Cryptozoologists discovered lycanthrope-creatures. The French Foreign Legion overtook the area and tried to create a hybrid-breeding program to produce a new type of legionnaire. This was entitled “Project Blackwoods.”
The project began with only four “children,” three of which did not live very long. After the US Military failed in an attempt to acquire the fourth child, its caretaker absconded with it to France. The caretaker, “Father,” forced the child through corrective surgeries to make it appear as human as possible. Unfortunately, due to the lycanthrope’s anatomy, important arteries were located in the tail and it still remained.
The child was named “Quatre Bornes,” and was enrolled into a military academy in which Father was employed. Quatre Bornes does not know any of this, and believes himself to be a human born with a birth defect (a tail). He never questioned it and is still in denial today.
Father had wanted Quatre Bornes, also known as “Q,” to become a strategist. Q did not want to follow this path, instead wishing to become a sniper. Father and Q’s relationship began to suffer because of this.
Eventually, a boy named Vespasien, also known as “Ves,” caught Q’s attention. Ves told Q he had a dream of moving to the USA to become a mafia lord. If Q joined him, Ves would teach him how to be a sniper. Shortly afterward, Q developed feelings for Ves and eagerly agreed to aid him.
During a fight with Father over Q wishing to attend sniper school, Q revealed that he loved boys. Enraged, Father grabbed a rapier and disfigured Q’s face with it, shouting, “If you like men, then you don’t deserve the face I made for you!”
At 18, Q and Ves decamped to the USA via ship. Ves began the French mafia in New York, Q became his translator and right hand. Although he wasn’t the best, he took to sniping rather easily, and the mafia grew beneath them.
Later, a man named Alexandre began to consult with Ves, stating a homosexual-led mafia was not very threatening. In response, Ves began publicly doting on women, eventually completely ignoring Q. Frustrated, Q left the mafia, feeling abandoned and betrayed by his now ex-boyfriend.
Q became a low brow hitman and went back into the closet, becoming a violent, sexist homophobic. If his father disowned him because he liked men, and his boyfriend abandoned him for women, then being gay must certainly be wrong, Q surmised.
Character Sheet
Real Name: Quatre Bornes Lee
Note: His first name is “Quatre Bornes.” It’s double barrel. “Bornes” is not a middle name.
Aliases: Bornes, Lee, Q, Quatre, Qua
Note: He hates “Quatre.”
Occupation: Gun for hire
Legal Status: Illegal Immigrant
Marital Status: Single
Base of Operations: Vagrant
Group Affiliation: None. Contractor.
Former Group Affiliation: French Mafia
Origin: Quatre Bornes was born on Mauritius, a french-owned island off the coast of Africa. He grew up in France but immigrated to his current state of origin about the time he turned 18. His mother was a Mauritian, whereas his father was French/Chinese.
Height: 6 feet
Hair: Formerly black, currently grey. Down to chinline, parted to one side.
Build: Slim
Eyes: Dark green. Eyes are extremely sensitive to light; exposure to daytime sun is painful and potentially blinding. At night, they can be bioluminescent. Pupils are oval-shaped, narrowing to slits in light.
Skin: Tanned or dark
Age: 25 – 28
Languages: French; English
Distinctive Features:
Quatre Bornes has a diagonal slash-like scar over his face from just over his left eye, across his nose, to the bottom of his right cheek. His grey hair is parted over the side, covering an eye, in effort to cover both it and the scar.
The man has two black whisker-like tattoos on either cheek, coming up from his chin line, and a golden ankh tattoo over his back.
His most defining feature, aside from his animalistic green eyes (described earlier) is his tail. It is black, the color of the hair on his head before it greyed, and goes down to his knees. It resembles the tail of a saluki, as it is feathered and slightly curled at the tip, albeit monocolored. Saluki reference.
Known Powers/Abilities:
While his vocal chords are somewhat damaged, he can still imitate many canine sounds with surprising accuracy.
His sense of smell and taste are normal or subnormal.
Hearing is exceptional, in tune to both higher and lower frequencies than a normal human.
Vision is normal to exceptional. Pays close attention to detail and movement, has wide peripheral vision, and can see further distances than humans. Quatre Bornes can also see perfectly in the dark, his green eyes sometimes glowing.
Hearing is sensitive. Prolonged noises outside the normal human hearing range induces headaches.
Vision is incredibly sensitive. Daylight causes headaches and can be potentially blinding. Sunglasses must be worn. Vision itself, while keen, has a limited color spectrum.
Due to the chronic headaches caused by sunlight, Q self-medicates by smoking and/or cigarettes.
Quatre Bornes’s tail is also extremely sensitive, having what could be called whiskers lining down the base. If stroked the right way, it can induce arousal. If pulled or tugged, it will cause extreme pain and discomfort. If cut, exsanguination is possible.
Brief History:
Born on Mauritius, Quatre Bornes “Q” Lee was quickly brought to France, and raised in military academies. Born a lycanthrope/human hybrid, treatments and surgeries were performed upon him during his childhood to make him appear human. These, like most of Q’s childhood, are not remembered. Q believes he is entirely human.
Pushed to succeed his father as a strategist, Q rebelled to become a sniper instead.After many fights over Q’s intended occupation, the last one being where he got his scar, Q left his home and ended up in the country where he is today.
He is a contracted killer, and while he may have the best shot around, he isn’t so great at the other needed talents of sniping. For this and other less-important reasons, he only accepts contracts for less than one hundred thousand dollars, which makes him a prime target to take advantage of– and people have done it before. He is a mockery to the underground business and many wetworkers consider him a fool, however he isn’t dead yet so he must be getting some business and doing something right.
Q cannot, and could never transform. At least not physically. A mental transformation can be achieved in specific conditions, usually during times of extreme pain or stress.
Q considers himself human. He dislikes his body, and the tattoos he received he thinks of as “adolescent mistakes.” By the time he reaches 24 years old, his mannerisms become more bestial. At this, he continues his denial, calling himself 100% human.
Inside a seabag, he carries everything he needs- clothes, toiletries, basic cooking wares and some canned goods. If he were stranded on a deserted island, he’d be able to survive for at least seven days (provided he found a water source, as there’s no water in his seabag). Inside the bag, at the very bottom, is 20,000USD in cash.
Other than the seabag and what’s inside, he carries a hard violin case which harbors an M40 sniper rifle with extra ammunition for it and his handguns. In addition, he owns a WASP Injector knife, despite rarely using it. Although normally on his person, his two Baretta M9s (handguns), in shoulder holsters, may also be in the violin case. He also wears a SOG Seal Knife at his hip in its sheath.
Lastly are his specially prescribed sunglasses, which never leave his person. Without them, he wouldn’t be able to see in the daylight.

Age-Related Information

Aged 20 – 23

Quatre Bornes is a confounding mix of sanity and insensibility. On the one hand, he can be cool and calculating. On the other, he can be explosive and over-reactive. He is somewhat emotionally unstable, often acting on instinct and influence rather than expertise when it comes to interpersonal communication.
Q can bury his emotions deep within himself and carry out jobs and business with unscrupulous low-lives with ease. Killing from a distance is his game, and it his ability to turn himself off that allows him to do his job with no remorse. However, when it comes to his off time, he has no friends and prefers to drive people away. A vagrant at heart, he wishes for partnership but also does not allow himself to get too connected to people as he knows he will have to leave them.
When Bornes talks of his father, he never uses possessive pronouns. Bornes’s father is not “my father” it is simply “Father” with a capital F. Father insisted Q was normal and did all he could to make Q so; Father almost disowned Q for admitting he liked boys. Q now subconsciously tries to bang every woman to win back Father’s love. Bornes needs to prove that he is not Father’s failure.
As such, he seeks out prostitutes to get the false sense of being wanted. He’ll often get drunk for an inflated ego boost. He views himself as human with a terrible genetic defect (his tail). While normally he’ll hide this defect, when he is drunk he believes himself to be “greater” than a normal human, and that what women want is really an animal– lucky for him, he is part one.
He goes to exotic fetishist clubs almost exclusively as he knows the people there will “accept” his flaws and view them as triumphs. He feels that no “normal” person could ever accept him fully, and even if they did, he’d never be able to have sex with them as he acts very bestial in bed, animal sounds and all. In a normal situation with a “normal” person, he is very self-conscious of this.

Aged 24+

The older Q gets, the worse his conditions become.

Eye sight
Starting at 24, but peaking at 25, Bornes finds even low light to be intolerable. He begins wearing his sunglasses at night and avoids day light as much as possible. He becomes strictly nocturnal around this time.

Chronic Headaches
Due to the eye sight and his sensitive hearing, he has chronic headaches. Ages 24 – 25, he tries to completely drown everything out with alcohol. By 25 – 26 he stops cold turkey and goes into withdrawal. He realizes the alcohol negatively impacts his fainting spells.

Smoking-related illnesses
In between ages 24 and 27 Q develops lung cancer and/or Emphysema due to the excessive smoking.

Animalistic Tendencies
Prior to age 24, Q growls and roars when angry but generally has full control of his more “animal” personality traits. This control begins faltering at age 24 and progressively worsens as time wears on. By 26, Q prefers to communicate via growls and grunts versus any human language.
In some roleplays, at 25+, Q will begin to spend more time with animals and may even begin communicating with them.

Character Creation History
The character beginning to resemble the Q we see today came into being in 2004. Originally a comedic character at 5’4″ and asymmetrical hair, he eventually turned into a 6ft tall mercenary with a developed background. Over 300+ art pieces exist of all the Q versions combined, as well as a published novel and custom action figure.
For the majority of Q’s history, the character had low blood pressure, producing chronic fainting spells, which he self-medicated by smoking. This aspect of the character was changed in 2015. The chronic headaches due to sunlight were increased, and that is now the main weakness of Q.

Main Character Variations

The “main” and “canon” Q is that he is a gun for hire.
Aggressively homophobic, ex-french mafia, mercenary.
The older he gets, the more he smokes and drinks.

Rather than a lycanthrope/human hybrid, Q is part hellhound. His occupation is either male body mod model or demon hunter. Something awakens within Q and he begins to hear the voice of Apollyon, telling him to kill demon hybrids that disrupt the ‘veil.’

In the story of ConstantChaotic(an old web serial I wrote), Q is a ‘Talvian’ who left his country to serve Edmond Dantes in order to kill the Phoenix Soul. The Phoenix had killed Q’s parents. Q trains with Edmond and they eventually become inseparable. Q wears a limiter and a negator so he cannot use his ki or rez (magic energy). These are microchips embedded into a dog collar Q wears at all times.
Should the collar ever be broken, it would be revealed that Q is the Soul Stealer, a Resonance Soul just as evil, if not moreso, than the Phoenix. The Soul Stealer can steal peoples resonance souls, swap them, and kill them. Q is deathly afraid of his Rez and hides from it. But once it’s free, the Soul Stealer is a killing machine.
He also has a music obsession, it being the only thing that seems to calm him down. Because of this, he frequently wears large headphones.

Lori Lentil

lori small smirk
Lori Lentil is the younger of two orphaned sons, his brother being named Yen. In a fantasy world-version of the Islamic Golden Age, Lori begins life as a perfectly normal boy who romanticizes thief culture and exploring new lands. Yen wants none of it and intends to stay in town, working as a translator and scribe. Lori eventually succumbs to wanderlust, leaving the city and coming into his own as a trickster thief.

In this world, Lori encounters many magical species and beings, one of which is the Befthar dragon. The Befthar are an incredibly rare dragon, said to have been the bridge between the spirit realm and humans, having taught shamanic practices to The First People.

As the “more civilized” world began to look down on magico-religious practices, the Befthar became hunted for the magical properties of their body parts.

Lori, ever on the search for more wealth, heard rumors of the dragon’s presence in a village and couldn’t let the opportunity go to waste. His attempt to capture the dragon was thwarted, however, and the Befthar cursed Lori.

Lori, the headstrong, narcissistic boy who never thought further than “just to have fun” was left with the burden to slowly transform into a Befthar himself. But not just any Befthar. Lori would be the very last.

Somehow, Lori didn’t let it bother him. He entombed himself in foolish comedy, continuing his trickery, thievery, and adventuring. But once the changes began to slowly come—his hair replaced by feathers, his skull sprouted horns, his eyes changed shape, and his limbs scaled over—he began to try and stop or delay the curse. Once a limb got too Beftharian for his tastes, he contracted a surgeon to remove it and replace it with a mechanical limb, instead. The things he can’t replace, he tries to use to accentuate his eccentric fashion choices.

The Befthar curse isn’t entirely bad, thankfully. The more Beftharian Lori gets, the more adept at elemental magic he becomes. At current, he can summon tiny flames.

Character Sheet
Real Name: Lori Lentil
Occupation: Trickster/Thief
Status: Traveler
Marital Status: Single
Origin: Middle East
Height: approx. 5’7”
Hair: Feathers
Build: Fit/lean
Eyes: Always covered by red goggles
Age: 20 – 28
Other: Has Mechanical arm and leg
Known Powers/Abilities:
A known and established trickster and thief. Well-versed in the art of illusion, annoyance, and separating coins from pockets. Especially talented with blow darts and various dusts. Has the ability to magically create small flames.
Vain. Overcompensates self-doubt with humor and distraction. Short attention span.
Brief History:
Born a human orphan. After succumbing to wanderlust, became a trickster/thief. After trying to capture a Befthar Dragon, Lori was cursed and now is currently (very slowly) transforming into a dragon himself.
Lori has an older brother named Yen who works as a scribe & translator in the capital city. They are not on speaking terms.
Character Variations
Lori has a few different character variations depending on the setting the character is placed in. The main/canon setting is a fantasy world based on the Islamic Golden Age.

Other versions include an alternate universe version of “Repo! The Genetic Opera,” where Lori is an unlicensed organ dealer. His dragon-like appearance is from voluntary body modifications.

In a futuristic fantasy world based in cyberpunk, Lori can be cursed by any magic user (including humans), not because he tried to steal from them, rather he simply frustrated them through sheer annoyance. In this type of setting, Lori is much the same character, but his brother, Yen, is a rich socialite who is more or less a villain.

Regardless of setting, Lori is played as either a lucid character who knows what he is doing and is simply in denial of his curse, or a mentally “off” character who obsesses with shiny things and doesn’t actually care for what they are worth.
Both personalities are equally liked.

The Befthar Dragons
more info to come…

But for now, they’re an open species, and you can read about them and/or create your own here.