Rachel / Rae

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Character Name: Rachel / Rae
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Affiliation: Electronica Leader
In the beginnings of her involvement with music, she was a founding member of a group known as Nausicaa, but eventually split to form the group now known as Electronica. The drive to provide music to people is still evident, though the drive for her to make a profit is also obvious. She sees this need for funding the organization as a necessity, a means to the end unspecified, which she has only shared with those that are exceedingly high in status in the gang.

Rae is very involved with Electronica. She often participates in jacks and enjoys it, even when the Clefs get involved. In a way, it’s seen as a challenge, though there is always a fear that someone will get caught. While she watches the beatings that come from being initiated in to the gang, she doesn’t participate in the First Aid aspect of the beat-ins. She performs the Tempo Control procedure as needed, this being the only ‘medical procedure’ that she’ll get involved with.

Her attitude can be best described as one full of ‘piss and vinegar’. She can get loud, irate, and angry, but still maintains an almost affectionate air around people that have proven their worth. Finding the DJ will gain ultimate respect from her, and a seat of power with the reformation. Her clothing outside of the Elects is rather bland and boring, usually consisting of a long sleeved shirt to hide her identifying tattoos, pants or capri shorts (depending on if she is working at the time or not), and average accessories, sometimes a simple bracelet or gold hoop earrings. Her job outside of the Elecs is that of an architect, designing buildings and interior spaces, which means she often has to dress professionally.

Her love of music runs deep. She plays a bass guitar often, and loves blaring her music whenever possible, preferring the heavier stuff to the lighter, classicals. If she is listening to classic music, it’s a sign of depression. Her amp, she often says, is her truest friend.

Soren LeFay

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Character Name: Soren LeFaye
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Affiliation: Clef
Soren used to be involved in a gang called Nausicaa. He was somewhat of a badass. He helped with jacks, and was eager to fight. He, Ryan, and Rachel were always butting heads. Around the time Ryan and Rachel began fighting, jacks were starting to go sour and Soren pushed the use of guns. Of all the gang members, he was the only one who had willingly murdered others, most notably clefs. One fateful night, he was out too late and got into a gunfight with the wrong guy. And lost. After a long battle with his health, he lost his memory of the gang, but had a feeling of being betrayed. He became a clef and has since spilled blood of those he has deemed “less desirable.”

Errant / Grey

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Character Name: Errant “Grey”
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Affiliation: Clef
Bio: Previously a lawyer, Grey became a Clef after an embarrassing family case. With his business-like personality and tendency to rise to the top, he eventually became the head of the district.

While most clefs know him by his birth name– Errant– few call him this out of respect. Of an impressive temperament, he never seems to succumb to shouting or anger, unlike his younger brother, Rye.

Ryan / Rye

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Character Name: Ryan or Rye
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Affiliation: Nu Leader
Bio: Ryan was once the co-founder of a gang named Nausicaa, which helped musicians hear and love music. However, something happened that’s been kept under wraps between him and the Elec leader, allowing them to split and make rival gangs approximately five years a go. Since then, the pure intentions are still there but not as evident as the war between them and the search for The DJ.

Rye is rather laid back when it comes to leading, and considers all his Nus very close family. However, he’s very touchy on some subjects, such as his blood relatives and his past. It is rumored that his older brother is a Clef.

Rye has dirty blonde hair that’s short in front but goes down at an angle toward his shoulders in the back. He wears biking gloves, black or blue jeans and either a white t-shirt or a wifebeater with a black open jacket over it. He plans jacks, but rarely deals. Ryan mostly tries to gather information about where the DJ may be, what territory he may be able to gain from the Elecs easily, and watches over initiations as well as help preform Tempo Changes and first-aid.

He can tune guitars, but otherwise seems to only listen to music through noise-proof headphones at very low volume, and doesn’t seem to ever hum or sing along. While this seems peculiar, his love for music is still clearly visible by anyone he comes into contact with. His day job is a librarian at Musica Central.

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Yen is the older of two orphaned sons, his brother being named Lori. In a fantasy world-version of the Islamic Golden Age, Lori begins life as a perfectly normal boy who romanticizes thief culture and exploring new lands. Yen wants none of it and intends to stay in town, working as a translator and scribe. Lori eventually succumbs to wanderlust, leaving the city and coming into his own as a trickster thief. Yen sees Lori as his anti-thesis.


The guy that convinces Ves to break up with Q. After Q leaves, Alexandre takes his place.
Alexandre is a spy of some kind and French is his second language.


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Simion, or Sim for short, is an eighteen year old with blue-white hair and the foster son of Amigo.
Coined “The Doppelganger,” he can make unlimited copies of himself, and does so easily in efforts to annoy, argue, and/or fight.

His number one rival is Tali, who always gets on his nerves.



(Previously Q from Talvia. Now Lycurgushi from Nemoria)

Lycurgushi came to Edmond approximately 10 years a go, begging to join his faction to destroy the Phoenix as retribution for a former reincarnation’s destruction of a town in his homeland, Nemoria.

Ly is what is called a Nemorian. They are a species of man-animal hybrids who live in forested and underdeveloped areas so they can be close to nature. One could say they are the Native Gaians. Being this species, Ly’s eyes are sensitive to sunlight and his ears better equipped than a normal human’s.

Ly loves guns and makes use of a Negator(which restricts the use of his Rez and Ki), and as such was ostracized by other Talvians for being “too human”.
Once he moves in with Edmond, he becomes addicted to music, using it to calm him.

Ly’s name, Lycurgushi, which is “four” in Nemorian. He was named such because he was the fourth mixblood born in his tribe. He goes by “Ly” instead of his real name as he doesn’t like being identified by a number.

Ly is as far removed from Talvian blood as he can be without being restricted from living in Nemoria. He was part of the Saluki tribe, which was known for mating with humans. Other Nemorians would periodically make fun of him for his humanity, the Jackal tribe being one of the worst. Yecht and Sven were the first victims of Ly’s Resonance Soul- The Soul Stealer.