Greysond / Garett DeLorte

greysondLeft lineart by Jerkcentral colors and horrible sketch on the right by me.
Eventually I’ll get art of the human… sweatdrop

Garrett DeLorte is 30-something customer service agent with Adobe. His life is fairly boring, which is why he escapes through the internet.

Online, he is Greysond, a “Grey Hare” which his name for the hare-goat hybrid. He has an eclectic personality, frequently wears cloaks, and has an affinity for disco.

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Bornes & B.

In a secret laboratory, an unknown man created human-dog hybrids. The first one worthy of keeping alive was Bornes. A bit stocky, he was raised in seclusion. His vocal chords were not fully developed and he could not speak human language. He did have intelligence, however, and over time was able to communicate using American Sign Language.

Bornes was the subject of many experiments, and as such became a very angry, untrusting person.

After much study, the second iteration was created: Bornes B., or simply B for short. Being raised more like a child rather than an experiment, B developed a loving and trusted attitude more in line with his tamed canine heritage. Able to speak English, he is much more reminiscent of a human than the first Bornes ever was.

Eventually, Bornes escaped the facility and kidnapped B. They lived together, where Bornes attempted to mentor B. B is able to read and sign ASL, but his preferred communication is still spoken English. Since Bornes is not deaf, the conversations between the two of them are often littered with B’s frequent code-switching.

Bornes does not trust humans and has developed a mild case of agoraphobia due to this. He believes he is alone in the world and tries to convince B that all people are evil and will treat them terribly. B, having not experienced the same troubles past as his older “brother,” does not feel the same way and there is much contention between the two.

Eventually B leaves Bornes and tries to live his own life. But as he is ignorant to many things, he frequently becomes the brunt of many jokes when unable to complete simple, common-sense tasks (such as cooking, laundry, or dog-oriented mannerisms like barking or howling).

B is on a journey to find more “people” like him and experience the world as humans do. Bornes, on the other hand, hates the world and would like nothing more than to see it burn.

Zahir Keen

In another world, there exist humans, animals, and the Ferift. The Ferift are animals with the ability shift into a humanoid form. The only difference between a Ferift’s human form and a pure human are the eyes. Ferift have a much larger iris and a pupil the shape of their animal form (e.g. a horse ferift would have rectangular eyes).

In this world, humans enslave the Ferift, believing them to be of impure blood. The slaves have many uses, but a popular one is the fighting ring, where humans bet on which Ferift will kill the other first.

One day, a rogue Ferift Wolf by the name of Trinity escaped from the fighting pits and started a resistance to free the Ferift slaves from the humans. Zahir was part of a traveling zoo at the time Trinity freed him. Zahir, having been kept in a tiny cage in his feral form, not allowed to change out of it, was put on display as an exotic exhibit as one of the last of the Maned Wolves left in the world. This caused him to associate much distress with his feral form. After being freed by Trinity, he changed to his human form and never returned to that of the Maned Wolf’s.
He has remained in his human for at least 10 years.

As part of the resistance, Zahir is a scribe, keeping track of everything that happens within the group, but mostly dealing with birth rolls. Since he makes a convincing human, he will also sometimes go to the pits to spy for the Ferift resistance.
Zahir is very secretive of his past and his maned wolf form. Outside the founding members of the resistance, none know what his feral form even is or why he avoids it. Secretly, Zahir wishes he were human. One of the few reasons he sticks with the resistance is because he’s not sure he could pass as fully human all the time.

He is 31 years old.

Evelyn Rose

1464909523.bornes_cherrywine(Previously Esvera Rose)

With light blonde hair and dark blue eyes, this twenty five year old Seeker has settled down from her hunt for the Soul Stealer to help teach Edmond Cannes’s fifteen year old adopted son, Ly, the basics of guns.
Evelyn lives in a bordering country to DeFrist, named Cybil. Here, she has brought in Ly for a year or two as her student in a favor to Edmond.

In many ways she feels as if Ly is her adopted son too, and Ly feels close to her as well, often asking questions about life and other sensitive subjects.

Evelyn believes that Resonance Souls hold a higher meaning, and places a great deal of faith in prophecy and fate.

Her own Resonance Soul is called the Tortoise Eye. She has the ability to heal others and construct protective shields and barriers made from ki. She can also see which Resonant a soul is holding based on the usage of their ki.

Eventually, Evelyn gives Ly a book entitled “Resonant Philosophy,” which is the main source of information about Resonance Souls across the world. The book is actually part of a series that is updated every five years.

Tali Heartlie

This girl is adept at controlling, creating, and manipulating fire. Her hair is a fiery color and gives the appearance of fire itself. Tali’s heritage reigns from a line of mafia kings, and her Rez is seen as a testament to this.

Tali herself is a rather crude person. At only fifteen years old, she already says whatever is on her mind at the time, and is rather spoiled. Her parents gave her whatever she wanted, boyfriend included.

After being killed in chapter nine, Tali resigns herself to make her life “worth something” by stealing everything she “needs” to make a happy home with Fell.
After the boy left her, she becomes confused in her self identity, and longs to have him back- even if that means killing others or destroying anything that comes into her path.
The more often Tali dies however, the more detached from reality she becomes.


Placeholder Image

Formerly known as Twistex.

Tristan, or Trist for short, is a man who by day, helps manage the fetishist bar with Mabe, and by night, entertains guests as a manservant. Although he plays the submissive part well, he has a very dominant personality. His personal sexlife is quite different from what he does as an employee, as he too excels in keeping the two distinctly separate.
He and Mabe are in somewhat of a relationship – but it’s more likely they’re just cousins or something. Bornes doesn’t have enough interest in Trist to figure out the details of what’s going on.


(Short girl with black curly hair in a maid outfit. No image yet)

Formerly Shine.

Sanja is a server at the fetishist bar in Dexterity. She’s a new recruit and quite innocent. She hasn’t found her true niche yet so she tries out varying acts. She came to Q first and vies for his patronage. She thinks his tail is “cute”. Q isn’t as into her as much as he is with Meri, but he can’t deny taking advantage of her is entertaining.


No Image.

(previously known as Moonblossom)

Maybel, or Mabe for short, owns the fetishist bar where Sanja works in the city of Dexterity. She is quite responsible, confident, and definitely knows the difference between pleasure and business. And while they may mix slightly in her profession, when she has to do dirty work for clients, it’s mostly business.
She looks over her bar with a serious attitude, kicking anyone deemed unworthy out and quickly before they can harm her girls (or boys). While she handles the paperwork and legal things, she also will sing and/or preform on stage occasionally. While she is available for clients it’s extremely rare, assuming the role of a dominatrix. And she’s brutal. Bornes has a secret fascination with her for all her different traits, but he’d never dream of putting himself under her whip as her victim.


drake(Previously Druki)

Drake owns the fetishist bar Meri works at in the city of Sinico. He’s only in his twenties and opened his business off residuals from a famous movie he was in as a child. He looks much younger than he is and has a generally playful attitude. He’d never let any harm come to his girls, and man, does he have some sick and freaky fetishes displayed at his bar. Or maybe he isn’t into this stuff at all. Maybe he just does this as some sort of well-thought out, cleverly executed joke. That would be just like him.